Staff & Board


Natalie Guess
Magnolia Business Alliance

Vice President

 Jason Chiniche

 James J. Chiniche, PA, Inc Civil Engineer & Land Surveyor


Board of Directors

Christina Griffith

Glenn Hood

Lindsay “Tink” L’ecuyer

Andrew Nash

Mary Ann Pucheu

Anna Smith

Heather Smith

Nell Frisbie

Whitney Zimmerman-Webb

L-R Catherine Lamkin, Fiscal/Program Manager, Lauren Saucier, Lead Advcoate Supervisor, Cynthia Chauvin, Executive Director, Naomi Strawhorn, Advocate Supervisor and Tanisha Lamb, Advocate Supervisor


Cynthia Chauvin

Executive Director

Lauren Saucier

Lead Advocate Supervisor


Naomi Strawhorn

Advocate Supervisor

Tanisha Lamb

Advocate Supervisor

Catherine Lamkin

Fiscal/Program Manager